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Merchant Taxi Industry

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Merchant Taxi Industry

Post  Merchant King x on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:30 pm

To all you wana be Taxi drivers who drive around all day picking up lazy bums who can´t drive themselves. Did you ever ask yourself the most important question?

"Who the fuck am I working for?"

I suggest instead of wasting your time doing the solo taxi stuff, you drop down by our Taxi garage, we´ll interview you then maybe, just maybe, you can drive around in our prestigeous business car picking up lazy bums who don´t tip, but it will be all worth it, cause you will have made it big time, picking up bitches and hoes to cops on patrols (I doubt you´ll be picking up cops but it just rhymthed) , to maybe even picking up the most famous of all.... no not the mayor, no not even yo momma, but of course...

John Spartan
Merchant King x
Merchant King x

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