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*NEW* if you own a business, you require stock or else you won't get your revenue. You can do this by paying shippers to deliver stock to your business. If there are no truck drivers on when you are, gratz you just got a free day of stock. If you want your revenue though you must pay shippers their fee.

You can buy property such as houses and businesses from the real estate agent, I will be the real estate agent during the time inbetween roleplays. If you want to buy property. I'm also willing to lower the price for some property. When you buy property it will be shown on your character's status. Businesses can be robbed if left unprotected. High end businesses have a robbery time of 10 minutes instead of the regular 5 minutes because they are worth $10,000 or more dollars.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Buyable Businesses
*High end businesses cost 10,000 or more and have a 10 minute takeover time

Dukes/Broker Area

69th Street Diner
Cost: 1000
Revenue: 400
Description: Small trailer shaped diner

Russian Club/Cabaret Club (Owned by Pruneyboy)
Cost: 6500
Revenue: 3100
Description: Posh cabaret club, russian sign.

Roman's Taxi Service (Owned by Merchant King x)
Cost: 5000
Revenue: 2600
Description: Taxi service with little land.

Homebrew Cafe (Owned by MadMiche7)
Cost: 2300
Revenue: 1100
Description: Jamaican Bar with stylish inside.

Willis Wash & Lube
Cost: 3400
Revenue: 1900
Description: Alot of land and car wash.

Steinway Beer Garden
Cost: 4000
Revenue: 2100
Description: Nice irish bar with a beer garden and back alley access.

tw@ Internet Cafe
Cost: 2800
Revenue: 1000
Description: Small internet cafe for fags

Burger Shot
Cost: 3000
Revenue: 1200
Description: Another sweaty burger shop with a car pack at the back.

Ron Gas Station
Cost: 3200
Revenue: 1900
Description: Your average gas station.

Bowling Alley
Cost: 3700
Revenue: 2200
Description: Good bowling alley with large amount of land on the beach.

Russian Porn Shop
Cost: 2500
Revenue: 1700
Description: Small porn shop with TV's and back room.

Used Auto Parts
Cost: 5000
Revenue: 3100
Description: Large junk yard with gates.

Funland (Owned by Pruneyboy)
Cost: 50,000
Revenue: 19,000
Description: Abandoned and run down carnival/theme park.

Liberty City Train System
Cost: 500,000
Revenue: 100,000
Description: The whole underground and train system.

FlyUs Airplane Company
Cost: 750,000
Revenue: 180,000
Description: The Liberty City Airport with helis and vehicles. and ALOT of land.

Schottler Medical Center
Cost: 60,000
Revenue: 24,000
Description: Large hospital with modern structure /w ambulances outside.

The Docks (Owned by Pruneyboy and Mercenary)
Cost: 80,000
Revenue: 30,000
Description: Large dock area with numerous warehouses and 2 entrances.

The Platypus Cargo Ship (Owned by Pruneyboy and Mercenary)
Cost: 20,000
Revenue: 9000
Description: Large cargo ship with many places to explore.

Twitchin's Sugar (Owned by Pruneyboy and Mercenary)
Cost: 11,000
Revenue: 5000
Description: Large factory with alot of land and a building.

The Pool
Cost: 5000
Revenue: 1000
Description: Nice place to hang out has a tennis court and basketball court.

Cemetary (Owned by Pruneyboy)
Cost: 3000
Revenue: 700
Description: A worn down cemetary.

Cluckin Bell
Cost: 3000
Revenue: 1000
Description: Small fast food restaurant with bathrooms.

Broker Fire Department
Cost: 10,000
Revenue: 6200
Description: Large fire department with garage.

Cost: 3000
Revenue: 900
Description: Small laundromat with back door.

Bohan Area

Auto Parts
Cost: 2700
Revenue 1300
Description: Large compound with garage and large land.

Sprunk Factory (Owned by Mercenary)
Cost: 6000
Revenue: 3150
Description: Large enterable warehouse.

Large Abandoned Warehouse
Cost: 225,000
Revenue: 60,000
Description: Huge warehouse with multiple buldings.

Auto Parts
Cost: 1700
Revenue: 900
Description: Small run down garage.

East Burger Shot
Cost: 3100
Revenue: 1600
Description: Your average burger shot.

West Burger Shot
Cost: 3100
Revenue: 1600
Description: Your average burger shot WITH STUFF OUTSIDE

The Triangle Club (Owned by Mercenary119)
Cost: 8000
Revenue: 3800
Description: High end strip club with 2 parking lots.

Ron Gas Station
Cost: 3200
Revenue: 1900
Description: Average gas station.

Bohan Fire Department
Cost: 10,000
Revenue: 6200
Description: Fire station with garages.

Charge Island

Transport Ship
Cost: 16,000
Revenue: 7,500
Description: None enterable ship, have to swim out to it.

Charge Island Docks (Owned by Merchant King x)
Cost: 35,000
Revenue: 19,000
Description: All the dock locations on Charge Island.

Baseball Field
Cost: 8000
Revenue: 3000
Description: A baseball field for the big guys.

Colony Island

Colony Island Cementry
Cost: 9000
Revenue: 3700
Description: Dark cemetary for the daring.

Shipping Center
Cost: 50,000
Revenue: 19,000
Description: Large shipping yard.

Algonquin Area

tw@ Internet Cafe
Cost: 2,800
Revenue: 1000
Description: Average internet cafe

Cost: 4,600
Revenue: 1,900
Description: Modo clothes shop

North Burger Shot
Cost: 3,100
Revenue: 1,600
Description: Average burger shot

Rusty Schit Scrapyard
Cost: 19,000
Revenue: 7,000
Description: Large scrapyard with jump and large amount of land.

Cost: 85,000
Revenue: 35,000
Description: Nice museum with a big amount of land and inside areas.

Grotti Car Dealership
Cost: 150,000
Revenue: 45,000
Location: Middle Park East, east of the museum and just across from Perseus

Middle Park East Perseus Clothing Store
Location:Middle Park East, just across from the grotti car dealership

Middle Park East Super Star Cafe
Location:East Algonquin,north of perseus and the grottie car dealership and north east of the museum

Highspeed Highway Car Wash
Location: Purgatory, Western Alongquin, north of the pay and spray

The Meat Quarter Bowling Alley
Location: Western Algonquin, The Meat Quarter

The Meat Quarter Burger Shot
Location: West Algonquin, The Meat Quarter

Golf Course
Location: West Algonquin, In the Meat Quarter

Sufflolk Globe Oil Gas Station
Location: South Western Algonquin in Suffolk

Lucky Winkles Bar
Location:Western Alongquin, Purgatory, east of the pay and spray and the highspeed highway carwash on the corner

Chinatown Gun Store (Owned by Merchant King x)
Location: South Algonquin, Chinatown, at the end of the little street in the basement of the body canvas tattoo place.

The Exchange Perseus Clothing Store
Location:South Algonquin in The Exchange just north of the construction site

The Triangle Super Star Cafe
Location:Central Algonquin, south of Star Junction and just west of Cluckin Bell

The Triangle Clucking Bell
Location: Central Algonquin, south of Star Junction and east of Super Star Cafe

Star Junction Burger Shot
Location:Central Algonquin, In Star Junction

Pier 45
Location:South Eastern Alongquin on the edge, Fishmarket South

Goldberg Ligner & Shyster
Location:Southern Algonquin, The Exchange, north of the construction site, right across from perseus

Liberty City Sanitation
Location:South Eastern Algonquin, FishMarket South, north of Pier 45 in the warehouse area

Alderney Area
Coming Soon

Buyable Houses
*if their are two people that want to buy the same house a bidding war is started
*player cops cannot enter houses unless invited in or they have a warrant from the mayor

Dukes/Broker Area

Little Jacob's Mission House (Owned by AUDIOB00M)
Location:to the left of Meadows Park in Dukes/Broker

Crackhouse (Owned by Mik)
Location:directly east of the hospital in Dukes/Broker

Niko's Safehouse (Owned by Merchant King x)
Location:Located in Southern Dukes/Broker

Bohan Area

Apartment Safehouse (Owned by Mercenary)
Cost: 3500
Location:South Western Bohan, North of the bridge entrance, inbetween the sprunk storage facility and the apartment buildings

Algonquin Area

North Holland Apartments
Location:North Western Algonquin

Playboy X Mansion (Donated to Pruneyboy by the Prune Foundation)
Location:Northwood, North Algonquin

Gov. Greg Johnson Apartment Complex
Location:North Algonquin, Northwood, the big three straight x's on the map

The Majestic Hotel
Location:Central Algonquin, North of Star Junction, At the Bottom of Middle Park


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