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Post  Pruneyboy on Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:20 pm

Government is an important part of liberty city and it affects everyone. Laws,Taxes, and even government workers change depending on who is the mayor.

Goverment Style

Merchant King x

Government Associates

Apart from the old ones and obvious ones like don´t kill I´m introducing licenses.
-It´s illegal to wield a weapon unless you have a Gun license
-It´s illegal to drive a car without a driving license
-You can purchase a Gun license from people who own Gun stores, If you own one then Congratz you get a Gun license for free
-You can purchase a driving license from people who own Car shops, such as Auto Parts in bohan and Car dealerships, If you own one then Congratz you get a driving license for free
-Im not saying you can´t wield a gun or drive in a car, I´m just saying it´s illegal to do so without a license and u will be fined. If you use your license for a bad cause then ur license will be taken away from you.

10% of a persons total wealth every 8 games


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