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Buzz's Cargo Service

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Buzz's Cargo Service

Post  Buzz268 on Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:24 am

Need something hauled? We can do it for cheap. Not just you usual boxes of "soap" either. We'll haul anything from supplies for your buissiness to that special "something" to sabotage your competitors buissiness. we have a full fleet of everything from vans to box trucks. Just give me, Buzz268 a call with the cargo and its destination, and ill get it there safely. we charge on three things:
Type of cargo: the more fragil, the more expensive
Distance: The farther the haul, the more expensive
Base Charge: Each haul has a base charge of $200 that the other expenses will be tacked on to.
Note: The buissiness may be on reserve at times while Buzz268 pursues other jobs like mayor or cop, but will always be there for jobs no matter what.


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